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An access flooring contractor laying an access flooring panel on raised floor pedestals

RFS Backs The Access Flooring Association (AFA)

Raised Floor Solutions is proud to support the relaunch of The Access Flooring Association as a member.

The Access Flooring Association supports best practice in the industry and encourages the communication of consistent information when it comes to the manufacture, supply, specification and installation of raised floor systems.

Access Flooring – A History

Access floors became more popular in the 1960’s with the arrival of large mainframe computers.  They provided a solution capable of accommodating cooling and air conditioning systems and housed huge volumes of cabling. They also provided a floor system capable of supporting an extra heavy ‘supercomputer’.

Back then, building designers would refer to the specifications supplied by manufacturers of access floors and computer systems. These guidelines would vary considerably. This resulted in the performance of raised floor systems varying considerably, and made it very difficult for a system to be maintained or upgraded. 

Specifications for Raised Floor Systems

The specifications for raised access floor systems in the UK

In the early 1970’s, AFA developed a Performance Specification in collaboration with Government body, The Property Services Agency (PSA), who were the largest users of access flooring at the time. This specification has evolved to become MOB PF2 PS/SPU, the main British Standard for raised access floors.

The AFA was also behind the development of a harmonised European standard, based on the high standards of quality control and installation procedures provided by MOB PF2 PS/SPU.

Access Flooring Contractors

Raised Floor Solutions offers the supply and installation of high-quality raised floor systems through its dedicated division, Access Floors. Access Floors is a leading raised access flooring contractor and a tier 1 approved supplier and installer of Kingspan Access Flooring products.

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Visit our product pages to download access flooring data sheets and find out more about Access Floor contractors.