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CGI of the new MSCP at Blackpool central for which RFS's car park contractors will assist with ramp design and construction


Raised Floor Solutions has been enlisted to apply its extensive car park ramp construction expertise to a 1,306-space multi-storey car park at the new £300m leisure development, Blackpool Central.

Blackpool Central will occupy 17 acres of prime real estate including a large strip along the seaside town’s iconic ‘Golden Mile’. The landmark new leisure destination will provide state-of-the-art indoor leisure entertainment including a flying theatre and VR, an Artisan Food Hall, an Aparthotel and a public square for live outdoor events and markets.

The high-profile development is a partnership between Manchester based property investment and regeneration specialist Nikal, Media Invest Entertainment and Blackpool Council and is set to be a year-round world-class leisure destination capable of attracting an additional 600,000 visitors to Blackpool each year.

The site was formerly a train station and was, at one time, the busiest in the world. It closed in 1964 and a large part of it was redeveloped into a surface car park. Some heritage buildings remain and will be rejuvenated and repurposed as part of the new leisure scheme.

Construction of the new multi-storey car park marks phase one of the works and frees up land for the commencement of future phases, whilst ensuring adequate car parking provision for the town’s many workers and annual visitors.

Raised Floor Solutions offers a specialist car park contractor division which, over the last five years alone, has delivered composite concrete floor systems for car park schemes including London Luton Airport MSCP, the M&S Bank Arena MSCP, New Bailey MSCP in Manchester, Salt Lane MSCP in Coventry and Paddington Village MSCP in Liverpool. The teams are also currently on site in Doncaster delivering a raised deck car park for retailer, Next.

Ramps installed at Salt Lane MSCP in Coventry by RFS’s car park contractor division as part of a full composite concrete floor contract

For the car park ramp contract, Raised Floor Solutions will supply and install 1677m2 of Kingspan MD60XP composite car park deck for 10 one-way ramps connecting each of the six car park levels.

RFS will complete each car park ramp by casting a 135mm concrete floor slab on the steel decking which will be reinforced with A193 steel mesh and given a power float finish. The concrete work will be undertaken by concrete floor contractor division, Metcon.

RFS’s team of car park contractors is due on site later this Autumn to commence work on the car park ramps.

What are the requirements for car park ramp design in the UK?

Ramps connect the levels in a multi-storey car park together.  Depending on whether a car park adopts a one way or two-way flow pattern, the width of a car park rank should equate to either two parking bay widths or three parking bay widths, respectively. In the UK, car park contractors will usually ensure that car park ramps are no less than 3.6 metres wide for a single ramp and 7 metres wide for a double ramp.

The slope of a car park ramp should allow at least 2.1 metres of clear headroom with typical slope ranges of 1:6 up to 1:10.

What is Kingspan XP steel decking?

Kingspan XP is a high-performance form of metal decking that has been manufactured with a unique metallic coating to provide up to three times more corrosion protection in outdoor environments than standard galvanisation.

The metallic coating is manufactured by ArcelorMittal and is called Magnelis®.

Magnelis® is composed largely of zinc (93.5%) but is also 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium.  Its high magnesium content is credited with its superior performance over other corrosion protection coatings.

Providing additional corrosion protection to metal decking is essential in chemically aggressive environments such as car parks, but especially in multi-storey car parks in coastal locations.  For example, Raised Floor Solutions’ team of car park designers also specified Kingspan XP for the construction of the multi-storey car park at the M&S Bank Arena, King’s Dock in Liverpool.

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To find out more about metal decking and reinforced concrete floors visit our knowledge hub.

You can also learn more about car park design and car park construction by visiting our dedicated car park contractor website here.

Image credit: Nikal

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