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in situ reinforced concrete floor slab

Reinforced Concrete Floors – An Expert Guide

As experienced concrete floor contractors, our Metcon Concrete Floors division are concrete floor specialists able to design high-performance concrete ground floors or suspended concrete floors on composite steel decking. In this knowledge article, we’ll explain what is a reinforced concrete floor, what is mesh reinforcement, and discuss in detail composite floor construction and composite slab …

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A Stud Welding Contractor from Raised Floor Solutions welding shear studs into metal deck

A Guide to Stud Welding

As an experienced Stud Welding contractor, in this knowledge article we’ll explore in detail what stud welding is, what it’s used for and why it’s used. What is Stud Welding? Stud welding is the process of welding a shear stud to another metal object. Stud welding is also known as drawn arc stud welding, or …

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composite car park deck with engineered ends

A Guide to Steel Decking

What is steel decking? As steel decking specialists, in this knowledge article we take an in depth look at what steel decking is, it’s many advantages, what profiles and span capabilities are available and the main benefits of specifying steel decking for construction projects. Steel decking is also referred to as composite metal decking, corrugated …

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