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A photo of Hugh Baird College in Bootle where RFS has just completed the construction of composite concrete flooring for new facilities

Composite Concrete Flooring for Bootle College

The composite concrete flooring contract for the refurbishment and construction of new facilities at Hugh Baird College in Merseyside has been completed by Raised Floor Solutions.

Hugh Baird College is an established education facility in Bootle offering over 300 different A-level, apprenticeships and university led courses and degrees to 5000 students. 

Raised Floor Solutions was brought in by the main contractor to design and install composite concrete flooring as part of the refurbishment of two digital classrooms and a major remodelling of the Engineering training workshop.

The redevelopment included the construction of a new mezzanine level and installation of training bays for electrical engineering apprentices.

The composite concrete flooring contract was delivered by two dedicated divisions within Raised Floor Solutions who worked in partnership to deliver the client with a seamless floor solution.

Steel decking contractor, Metal Deck, supplied and installed 124m2 of Kingspan’s MD50 composite metal decking.  Metcon concrete floor contractor then cast a 150mm concrete floor slab on the steel decking, reinforced with A142 steel mesh and with an easy float finish.

The project was undertaken over the summer months allowing the main contractor to hand over the new facilities to the college ready for the new academic year.

What is Composite Concrete Flooring?

Composite concrete flooring (or composite flooring) is a type of formwork used in the construction of buildings.

It comprises a metal floor constructed from sheets of galvanised metal decking which, in the case of a suspended metal floor, are stud welded to the beams of a steel frame building. Sheets of steel mesh reinforcement are laid onto the steel decking before a concrete floor slab is cast on top. The concrete then sets around the steel mesh reinforcement and shear studs. 

The combination of concrete on steel decking provides a floor construction with both tensile and compressive strength whilst still being relatively lightweight.

Reinforcing the concrete floor slab with steel mesh sheets helps improve load distribution, fire performance and crack control. Steel fibres can also be used as a method of concrete floor reinforcement and are mixed into the concrete prior to pouring.

Indentations in the metal decking panels help the concrete bond with the metal.

About Metal Deck Contractors

Metal Deck is a specialist division within Raised Floor Solution that supplies and installed metal decking for the construction of composite concrete flooring. Metal Deck is an approved supplier and installer of Kingspan Multideck, Europe’s most frequently specified metal floor deck.

About Metcon Concrete Floor Contractors

Metcon designs and installs composite concrete flooring and also concrete ground floors and external hard standings.

For more information about our metal deck and concrete floor contractors please contact our team on 01695 555070 or email us.

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