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composite concrete floors under construction at Paddington Village MSCP

Composite Concrete Floors Completed on Car Park Build

Metpark has completed the contract to design, supply and install composite concrete floors for the construction of a new 1,245 space multi-storey car park at Liverpool’s £1billion Paddington Village development.

After completing the installation of the steel floor decking, the final reinforced concrete floors were cast across the new structure’s 12th and top storey, as seen in these amazing shots captured by site manager, Ian ‘nerves-of-steel’ Kinsella.

Paddington Village is a 30-acre development located to the east of Liverpool city centre.  Metpark started on site last year after winning the contract to supply and install 28,750m2 of composite concrete floors.

Kingspan Multideck MD80XP with engineered ends was specified for the project providing enhanced corrosion protection as well as improved composite action.

Cast on the steel decking were 160mm concrete floor slabs reinforced with A193 mesh and given a power float finish.

What is Composite Steel Car Park Decking?

Composite car park decking is a sheet of thin galvanised steel that has been shaped into a range of profiles that, when combined with concrete and sheets of steel mesh reinforcement, can be used to construct high performance floors within a steel frame car park.

About Kingspan XP Metal Decking

Kingspan Multideck XP is a steel decking solution that benefits from enhanced corrosion protection. 

Frequently specified for multi-storey car park construction, the metal decking is manufactured using Magnelis®, a flat carbon steel coated on both sides with a zinc-aluminium-magnesium alloy.

This coating provides the metal decking profile with up to three times better corrosion resistance than standard galvanised steel. It also equips the steel decking with complete edge protection thanks to innovative self-healing properties.

The high-performance steel decking is particularly effective in harsh atmospheres, such as maritime, chloride and ammonia.

Kingspan Rapid Metal Decking with Engineered Ends, advantages steel decking

Kingspan Steel Floor Decking with Engineered Ends

Engineered Ends‘ is the term given to the process of folding the cut ends of a sheet of profiled steel floor decking during manufacture. The process is unique to Kingspan and was engineered at the suggestion of Raised Floor Solutions after they identified it as a time and cost saving solution to the manual application of end caps on newly laid metal decking.

Engineered ends are available on Kingspan Multideck MD60 and MD80, it’s two most widely specified steel floor decking products and can be combined with Kingspan XP Magnelis® corrosion protection.

Specifying metal floor decking with engineered ends allows a great volume of concrete to come into contact with the steel beams around shear studs. This improves the performance of the composite action and steel frame. The profiles also reduce the volume of grout lost whilst casting the reinforced concrete floor slab therefore reducing staining on the steel frame and paint coatings.

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