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A CGI of a new dual branded hotel in Liverpool for which RFS will supply composite concrete floors

Composite Floor Construction for Liverpool Hotels

Raised Floor Solutions has secured the composite concrete floor construction contract for a dual branded hotel scheme on Duke Street in Liverpool.

The new 255-bedroom eight-storey scheme will be occupied by both Holiday Inn Express and Hotel Indigo and is located on the site of the former NCP multi-storey car park in the Ropeworks area of the city.

Designed by award-winning practice Falconer Chester Hall for Molo Hotels, the scheme will feel ‘contextual and modern’ and will include meeting rooms and a gym along with an ancillary restaurant and bar.

Construction commenced last month with a planned October 2022 completion.

The composite concrete floor construction contract will be fulfilled by Raised Floor Solutions’ specialist steel decking contractor division Metal Deck working in partnership with reinforced concrete floor contractor division Metcon.

In total, 1274m2 of re-entrant (or dovetail) composite metal decking will be supplied and installed for the construction of the steel floor.  Metcon will then cast 130mm concrete floor slabs on the steel deck system.  Each composite concrete floor will be reinforced with a combination of A252 and A193 steel mesh. The reinforced concrete floor slabs will be given a power float finish.

What is Composite Floor Deck?

Illustration of a Concrete slab with metal decking profile

‘Composite Floor Deck’ is also known as metal deck or steel deck and is a sheet of galvanised steel that is shaped into various shallow (dovetail or re-entrant) or deep (trapezoidal) profiles during manufacture for use as formwork in construction.

The metal floor deck is referred to as ‘composite’ because it is commonly paired with shear studs and reinforced concrete slabs that, collectively, create a robust and high-performance floor structure.  The resulting composite concrete floor slab is capable of withstanding greater static and dynamic loads than each element in isolation and has an improved fire performance rating.

Read our knowledge articles on composite floor decking to find out more about metal deck including how it is manufactured and the advantages of specifying composite metal decking and composite concrete floors .

Metal Deck Contractors

Metal Deck is a specialist division of composite floor deck contractors within Raised Floor Solutions. We operate across the UK supplying and installing steel floor decking products on construction projects including hotels, student accommodation, commercial offices, residential apartment buildings, retail and industrial units.

Car Park Construction Contractors

Composite concrete floors as part of a raised deck and multi-storey car park construction project can be designed and installed by our specialist Car Park Construction Contractor division, Metpark.

Advice on Specifying Composite Metal Floor Deck

For advice on which composite metal decking profile to specify for your next construction project contact our expert metal decking team on 01695 555070.

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