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Composite floor construction for willmott dixon on goole business park and innovation hub

Composite Floor Construction for Innovation Hub

Raised Floor Solutions has started on site in Goole, East Yorkshire, to design, supply and install the composite floor system for the construction of a high profile £8m business centre and innovation hub.

The project has been awarded by main contractor Willmott Dixon, for whom Raised Floor Solutions is a CAT A supply chain partner.

The Rail, Accelerator and innovation solutions hub for Enterprise (RaisE) will form the first phase of a major new two-phase development. The project is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses on the Goole 36 Enterprise Zone and will provide 3,200m2 of commercial office floor space including Grade-A office and workshop accommodation with conferencing facilities. A communal café will act as a central hub for the new business park.

The contract is being delivered by Metaldeck and Metcon, Raised Floor Solutions’ specialist composite flooring contractor divisions.

Metaldeck will supply and install 2010m2 of Kingspan Multideck MD60 composite floor deck. Metcon will complete the composite floor construction by casting a 160mm concrete floor slab on the steel decking.  The composite concrete floor slab will be reinforced with Dramix steel fibres and given an easy float finish.

To provide a complete and seamless commercial office flooring solution, Raised Floor Solutions has also won the contract to design, supply and install raised access flooring for the project.

Completion of phase one of the new business park is scheduled for early 2022.

What is Composite Floor Deck?

Composite floor deck is another term for steel decking or metaldecking; sheets of corrugated metal floor panels which are used in composite floor construction.

The metal decking panels, also referred to a metal decking profiles, are laid between the beams of a steel frame building by specialist metal decking contractors.

The next stage of the construction of the composite floor system is for concrete flooring contractors to cast in place concrete on the steel decking. Before being cast, the concrete is reinforced with either metal grid sheets which are laid on top of the metal decking panels, or Dramix steel fibres which are added to the concrete mix.

These elements combine to create a composite floor system which is stronger and more durable than the steel and concrete elements in isolation. However, the composite floor system is still relatively lightweight and brings the benefits of reduced foundation requirements, durability, fast installation and is capable of withstanding heavy static and dynamic loads.

Metal Decking Contractors

Metaldeck is the specialist steel decking contractor division within Raised Floor Solutions. We have been approved suppliers and installers of Kingspan high performance steel deck systems for nearly two decades and are Kingspan’s largest approved UK steel decking contractor.

Composite Concrete Floor Contractors

Metcon is the specialist concrete floor contractor division within Raised Floor Solutions. Metcon was established to design, supply and install high quality concrete ground floor slabs and composite floor systems within single and multi-storey buildings.

We can also provide composite floor construction for raised deck car parks and multi-storey car parks through our expert car park construction contracting division, Metpark.

To learn out more about composite floor construction, steel decking systems and composite concrete floors read our in-depth knowledge article here.

Contact Our Composite Flooring Team

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