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An artists impression of a new extension to a school in Kidsgrove for which RFS will construct a composite floor slab

Composite Floor Slab for Kidsgrove School

Raised Floor Solutions will shortly start on site in Kidsgrove to commence the installation of a composite floor slab for the construction of a new primary school.

St John the Evangelist Catholic Academy is currently split across two separate sites, one in the town centre and another on Gloucester Road on the outskirts. Education leaders successfully achieved planning approval for the construction of a multi-million-pound extension to the school’s Gloucester Road facility, which will bring all pupils together in one location.

The new two-storey extension includes classrooms, a multi-purpose school hall, kitchen facilities, school office and support spaces. The facility will also provide parking for staff and visitors, a dedicated nursery and reception playground, and a new pedestrian access.

The contract is being fulfilled by Raised Floor’s specialist composite floor slab teams, Metal Deck steel decking contractors and Metcon concrete floor contractors.

Metal Deck will be first on site. The steel decking contractors will supply and install 296m2 of metal floor decking to the first storey of the new block. Kingspan Multideck MD60, a popular trapezoidal metal deck, has been specified for the composite floor system.

Once the metal floor is in place, Metcon will cast a reinforced concrete floor slab over the same area to complete the composite floor construction.

Composite Floor Slab Construction

A composite floor slab is a type of formwork used in the construction of buildings. It comprises sheets of steel decking which are laid horizontally, often between the beams of a steel frame building, to create a metal floor.

Shear studs are then stud welded, usually through the metal deck into the steel beam, to fix the metal floor in place. A concrete floor slab is cast on top of the metal decking. The floor slab is reinforced with either steel mesh sheets or steel fibres that are mixed into the concrete.

Composite flooring is one of the most popular forms of construction due to the time and cost efficiencies it offers.

A cross section of a composite floor slab showing Kingspan MD60 metal deck

About Metal Deck Steel Decking Contractors

Metal Deck is the specialist steel decking contractor division within Raised Floor Solutions and the UK’s leading supplier and installer of Kingspan Multideck. In 2019 and 2020, Metal Deck supplied and installed over 725,000m2 of steel decking for projects across all sectors.

About Metcon Concrete Floor Contractors

Metcon is the specialist concrete floor contractor division within Raised Floor Solutions. Metcon can design and install in-situ reinforced concrete floor slabs on steel decking and also on ground floors, such as in industrial warehouses or distributions centres, and external hardstanding.

Steel decking supply and installation and concrete floor installation are available to clients as independent services or as a combined composite concrete flooring solution.

For more information, contact our team on 01695 555070 or email us.

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