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The new Teemans Building in Scunthorpe, image credit keystone architectural

Composite Floor System for Industrial Building

Raised Floor Solutions is on site in Scunthorpe delivering a composite floor system for the construction of a new HQ for local engineering specialists, Teemans.

The new facility comprises a vast industrial warehouse with pitched roof alongside a two-storey extension which will house the company’s offices.

Raised Floor Solutions was awarded the composite floor construction contract by the main contractor. The project is being delivered by Raised Floor Solutions’ metal decking and composite concrete divisions, who are working in partnership to provide the client with a seamless composite concrete floor solution.

Metaldeck steel decking contractors has supplied and installed 319m2 of Kingspan Multideck MD60, after which Metcon concrete floor contractors cast the reinforced concrete floor on the composite floor deck. 

Circa 220m3 of concrete was pumped on to the metal decking panels. The composite concrete floor slab has been reinforced with A193 steel mesh and will be given an easyfloat finish.

What is Composite Floor Deck?

Composite floor deck is a profiled metal decking panel specified for the construction of composite floor systems. It is frequently specified for the construction of multi-storey (high-rise) buildings such as car parks or when ground floor slabs require additional load bearing reinforcement.

Strips of galvanised steel are cold rolled into corrugated or ribbed shapes, known as profiles. Each metal decking panel has either shallow (dovetail) or deep (trapezoidal) profiles which influence the thickness, load capacity and fire performance of the finished composite concrete floor panel as well as the distance the steel decking sheet can span between beams before it needs to be propped.

For example, Multideck MD60 manufactured by leading steel decking supplier Kingspan, is a popular 60mm trapezoidal composite floor deck that can span up to 4.5 metres unpropped and is capable of offering a fire performance rating of up to four hours.

As composite floor deck is manufactured from steel it is incredibly strong whilst being relatively lightweight therefore reducing a high rise building’s foundation requirements and offering time and cost efficiencies.

Steel is fire retardant and vandal proof and also sustainable; over 40% of ‘new’ steel has been manufactured from recycled steel.

Leading steel decking manufacturer Kingspan has invested in a low carbon steel supplier and will source the majority of its steel from this source when production commences in 2024.

What is a Composite Floor System?

Composite floor deck is just one element of a composite floor system, the other elements are concrete and steel reinforcement, which is either mesh or fibres mixed into the concrete.

In high rise construction, metal decking panels are laid between the beams of a steel frame building to create a metal floor. The metal deck is fixed in place by either shear studs which are arc welded through the steel decking to the beam or shot fired fixings.

Sheets of steel mesh reinforcement are fixed on top of the metal floor.  A concrete floor slab is then cast on the steel decking to complete the construction of the composite floor system.

Together the resulting composite floor system is stronger than either steel or concrete in isolation.

The steel mesh reinforcement improves the load bearing performance of the composite floor system and helps the concrete retain shape when cracks occur. When specified for the construction of ground floor slabs, steel mesh assists with load bearing performance by evenly distributing weight across the whole floor slab.

Find out more about Composite Floor Construction from our expert team

To learn more about composite floor deck and the construction of composite floor systems read our expert knowledge article.

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