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Bury College

Composite Steel Deck Concrete Floor Systems for New £9M Bury College Building

The contract to supply and install composite steel deck concrete floor systems and metal roof decking for a new £9million teaching facility at Bury College has been awarded to Raised Floor Solutions.

The new building will provide state-of-the-art teaching spaces for the delivery of Health, Social Care and Computing and Information technology courses, including the new Health and Digital T Levels introduced by the Government.

Facilities will include a laboratory, simulated hospital ward, simulated domestic home as well as digital environment and IT suites.

The new centre is being jointly funded by Bury College, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) through the Local Growth Fund (LGF) and the Department for Education.

Raised Floor Solutions was appointed by the main contractor. The project will be delivered by three specialist divisions within Raised Floor Solutions working together to offer the client a seamless composite steel deck concrete floor system and metal roof deck solution.

Metal Deck, RFS’s steel decking contractor division will supply and install 1841m2 of dovetail profile composite steel deck in a variety of grades. Metcon concrete flooring contractors will then cast a 150mm concrete slab on the steel decking which will be reinforced with an A252 steel mesh and given a power float finish.

Metalroof, RFS’s metal roof deck contractor, will supply and install a mix of 35mm and 60mm shallow structural steel roof deck.

Completion of the new building is anticipated for late 2022.

About Composite Steel Deck Concrete Floor Systems

A composite floor system comprises sheets of composite steel decking onto which is cast a reinforced concrete floor slab. The fusion of the two materials provides greater longevity and improved load bearing and fire performance than using the materials in isolation.

Composite floor systems are a popular method of formwork in construction. As the resulting composite floor slab is relatively lightweight, the flooring solution delivers time and cost savings due to the reduced foundation requirements.

Learn more about composite steel deck and concrete floor systems in our knowledge articles: ‘What is Steel Decking‘ and ‘A Guide to Reinforced Concrete Floors’.

Contact Metal Deck and Metcon

To discuss a future project, please call the Metal Deck steel decking contractors and Metcon concrete floor contractors teams on 01695 555070 or email us.

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