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Composite Flooring for Extra Care Build

Raised Floor Solutions has commenced delivery of composite flooring for a new Extra Care retirement housing scheme in Gorton, Greater Manchester.

Bellamy Court is one of four new Extra Care schemes recently approved by Manchester City Council as it aims to meet the growing demand from older people with care requirements to live independently in a modern well-designed house or apartment, but with the support of an immediate community and on-site health services.

The new apartment building, on Abbey Hey Lane, will provide 106 apartments in an area close to local amenities and public transport routes, yet identified as offering a lack of housing options suited to older residents.

The Council is actively supporting and encouraging later living schemes through its ‘Living Longer, Living Better’ approach to health and social care.

Work started on site in May 2019. Raised Floor Solutions’ Metaldeck steel decking team moved on site in October, supplying and installing 6528mof Kingspan Multideck MD50 with a 0.85mm profile. 

Metcon concrete flooring has designed and will shortly install a 150mm concrete slab reinforced with A193 mesh to complete the composite flooring works.

The project is due for completion in February 2021.

What is a Composite Concrete Floor Slab?

Composite Flooring is the creation of a strong, durable and solid floor using a combination of reinforced concrete on galvanised steel decking.

The steel decking is shaped into different profiles which affect it’s load bearing capabilities, unpropped span widths and the thickness of the concrete slab which can be cast on top of it.

Steel decking sheets are cut to size and laid between the horizontal beams of a steel structure. An end cap is placed over the cut ends of the steel deck. An edge trip is also often fixed in place to enclose the wet concrete. The steel decking sheets are fixed to the top flange of the beam with shear studs using ‘thru-deck ‘or ‘straight to steel’ stud welding techniques.

Grid mesh reinforcement is often fixed on top of the steel decking profiles before a concrete slab is cast on top, creating the composite concrete floor slab.

Sometimes, the concrete is reinforced with steel fibres rather than mesh. Reinforcement helps with fire performance and crack control.

Indentations in the steel decking help the metal and concrete to bond and share the load burden.

The shear studs create a composite action between the steel beams and the concrete. Leading metal decking manufacturer Kingspan now offers steel decking with Engineered Ends which further improves the overall composite action and performance.

Read more about concrete on steel decking and concrete floor slab construction in our knowledge article or contact our team.

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