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A CGI of a new endoscopy decontamination unit to be constructed at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester for which RFS will construct composite slabs

Composite Slabs for Endoscopy Unit

Raised Floor Solutions has secured the contract to provide composite slabs for the construction of a new endoscopy decontamination unit in the East Midlands.

The £5.7m scheme is underway at Glenfield Hospital, part of the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, and follows research that forecast ‘demand for gastrointestinal (GI) endoscopy in the UK is expected to increase over the next decade due to increased patient expectations, emphasis on early diagnosis and better uptake of screening.’

The new unit will improve existing services by centralising the decontamination facilities into a one state-of-the-art facility equipped with improved cleaning capacity and the potential for even further expansion in the future.

The new building will be located to the north of the hospital site, on land previously laid to lawn. The ground floor will cover 993m2 and will include a central processing area surrounded by utility and staff support accommodation. Above this will be a 349m2 plant area.

The composite slabs project was awarded by the main contractor and will be delivered by two divisions within Raised Floor Solutions working in partnership to provide the client with a seamless composite slabs solution.

Metal Deck, RFS’s metal decking contractor division, will supply and install 948m2 of steel floor decking with a 60mm profile and 0.9mm gauge.

Metcon, RFS’s concrete flooring contractor, will cast a 150mm in-situ concrete slab over the same area, reinforced with A252 steel mesh and given an easy float finish.

What are Composite Slabs?

Composite slabs are a type of formwork used in the construction of buildings. They consist of high-performance profiled steel decking upon which is cast an in-situ concrete slab. The concrete slab is reinforced with either steel mesh or steel fibres.

Together, steel decking and reinforced concrete offer greater strength, load capacity, durability and fire performance than either material used in isolation whilst still being relatively lightweight.

How are Composite Slabs Constructed?

Sheets of profiles steel decking are installed horizontally between the beams of a steel frame building. Shear studs are used to fix the steel decking to the top flange of the beams using thru-deck or stud welding techniques. The cut ends of the steel decking are covered with end caps, alternatively, steel decking can be manufactured with engineered ends.

Steel mesh sheets are laid onto the steel decking and provide reinforcement to the concrete floor slab. Concrete can also be reinforced with steel fibres which are added to the concrete mix.

Concrete is pumped onto the steel decking and cast to create the composite slab. The shear studs (sometimes called shear connectors) provide a strong vertical shear connection between the steel beam, steel decking and reinforced concrete floor slab. This improves the overall composite action and transfers load bearing force between the materials.

Find out more

Visit our knowledge section to learn more about composite slabs, steel decking, different metal decking profiles, reinforced concrete floors and stud welding.

If you’d like to discuss a forthcoming project, contact our team on 01695 555070 or email us using the contact form on this website.

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