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A stud welder welding shear studs into steel decking ready for the arrival of concrete floor contractor

Concrete Floor Contractor on NHS Hospital Refurb

Metcon, the concrete floor contractor division within Raised Floor Solutions, has secured the contract to install reinforced concrete floors for the construction of a new four-storey extension at Westmorland General Hospital.

a CGI of the new theatres at westmorland general hospital for which metcon concrete floor contractor will install concrete floors

Sister steel decking contractor division, Metal Deck, has just completed both the supply and installation of composite metal deck and stud welding services on the project after being awarded the contract last year.

The new steel frame extension has been designed by Day Architectural and is the first phase of a £5.5million refurbishment project running over 30 months.  The extension will house hospital theatres 1, 4 and 5. The works have been planned in a way that enables the hospital to remain operational.

Metal Deck has supplied and installed 839m2 of 60mm profile trapezoidal deck over all four storeys.

Metcon Concrete Floor Contractors will now move on site to cast a 150mm concrete floor on the steel decking reinforced with A193 steel mesh, and with an easy float finish.

About Metcon Concrete Floor Contractors

Metcon is the specialist concrete flooring division of Raised Floor Solutions and operates independently or in partnership with its sister divisions.

The division boasts a highly skilled technical team capable of designing the most viable and cost effective composite concrete floor system for any project, backed by Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Concrete floor slabs range from 130mm to 250mm in thickness and are designed according to individual project requirements. A high-performance solution is delivered that incorporates either steel mesh reinforcement or concrete reinforced with steel fibres.

Metcon Concrete Floor Contractors is also able to install high tolerance concrete ground floor slabs, again, with either steel mesh or fibre reinforcement. If precast concrete units are favoured over composite steel decking as the chosen structural floor system, Metcon is able to install perimeter edge shutters, progressive collapse details and in situ concrete structural screed toppings to complete the precast flooring system.

For more information on Metcon Concrete Floor Contractors or to discuss a forthcoming project call 01695 555070 or email us via the contact form on this website.

Further Reading

If you’d like to find out what metal decking is, what shear studs and stud welding involves, how reinforced concrete floors are constructed and all about composite concrete floor systems visit our knowledge section.

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