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metal floor deck with engineered ends on a steel frame construction

Metal Floor Deck with Engineered Ends

Kingspan’s ‘engineered ends’ metal floor deck has now been installed at our raised deck car park project for Next in Doncaster.

In unusually high temperatures and brilliant sunshine, the Metal Deck team worked hard to install Kingspan Multideck MD80XP over much of the 2800m2 single storey structure, the steel frame for which was completed just last week.

As you can see from these latest photographs, captured by construction director Andy Wharton, the metal floor deck featured ‘engineered ends‘, a highly efficient and time saving solution exclusive to Kingspan and developed at our suggestion.

metal floor deck with engineered ends

Traditionally, steel floor deck is cut to size, delivered to site and installed on the steel frame using shot fired fixings. A galvanized steel end cap would then be manually applied to each cut end of the metal floor deck to close it off.

However, by folding and pressing the end of the metal deck profile during manufacture to create a slope, this stage of installation is eliminated creating time and cost efficiencies within the programme.

Specifying metal floor deck with engineered ends also improves the overall composite action and performance of the steel frame as it allows a greater volume of concrete to come into contract with the steel beams and around shear studs.

About the project

Raised Floor Solutions is working in partnership with sister car park design and build contractor, Metpark UK Ltd, to deliver a single storey (or raised deck) car park for Next plc staff at their Redhouse distribution centre in Doncaster. The new structure is being constructed above an existing single storey car park.

Raised Floor Solutions is just three weeks into a 20-week build programme and already the structure and a large part of the first floor is in place.

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