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in situ concrete floor slabs under construction for new school build. CGI of school


Raised Floor Solutions’ concrete flooring division, Metcon, has commenced work on the construction of in situ concrete floor slabs for Saddleworth’s new High School.

Raised Floor Solutions was awarded the contract to design and install composite flooring for the £27M new education facility last year.

Metaldeck, Raised Floor Solutions’ steel decking division has completed the installation of 6,440m2 of Kingspan Multideck MD60. Metcon concrete flooring contractors are now on site casting the concrete flooring, which is being reinforced with mesh.

The new state-of-the-art school will accommodate 1,500 pupils aged 11-16 years, 150 more than the former facility which had been deemed out of date and costly to maintain. The building is due for completion early in 2022.

in situ concrete floor slabs under construction for new school build. CGI of school

What is an In Situ Concrete Floor?

In situ concrete floors are concrete floors that are constructed on site as opposed to being pre-cast off site, such as in a factory, and delivered to a construction site for installation.

Raised Floor Solutions’ Metcon team is skilled at designing and casting in situ concrete slabs for the construction of many different styles of building. Concrete floor slabs can be installed on ground floors, external areas and also as suspended floors, as part of a steel frame and composite flooring structure.

What is Composite Flooring?

Composite floors comprise of concrete and galvanised steel decking. The metal decking profiles are suspended between steel beams then welded into place using shear studs. They are reinforced with mesh before concrete is cast over the top. Sometimes they are reinforced with steel fibres that are added to the concrete mix. This type of flooring is designed to carry its own weight as well as additional loads. They can also be designed to withstand dynamic loads, such as moving vehicles in a multi-storey car park.

For more information on concrete flooring, please contact our Metcon team on 01695 555070.

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