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a wind farm in sweden, H2 Green Steel will utilise renewable energy to produce the hydrogen gas that will power its steel manufacturing plant

Kingspan Steel Decking Goes Green

Kingspan, one of the world’s largest manufacturers and suppliers of steel decking products, has announced its investment in H2 Green Steel (H2GS), a company pioneering new green production methods for steel manufacturing including using hydrogen.

Kingspan also plans to use H2GS as a long-term steel supplier, therefore substantially reducing its carbon emissions as part of its Planet Passionate sustainability manifesto.

Raised Floor Solutions is Kingspan’s largest UK supplier and installer of steel decking profiles, known as Multideck. Kingspan’s commitment to using low carbon steel from 2024, the planned date for start of production, further aids the environmental benefits of utilising steel frame and composite steel decking as a preferred construction solution.

Steel is already one of the most recyclable materials, with over 40% of ‘new’ steel manufactured from recycled steel.

Kingspan is one of a number of investors backing H2GS in this first phase of production and the company is targeted to produce upwards of 5 million tonnes of green steel annually by 2030.

Kingspan is the first building materials company in the world to commit to procuring H2 Green Steel at scale. Steel accounts for 7 per cent of all global emissions with the building and infrastructure industries the biggest users accounting for 52 per cent of all global demand, the car industry accounts for just 12 per cent.

What is Green Steel?

H2GS’s planned production processes will utilise green hydrogen instead of coke and coal, helping achieve a steel product that is almost CO2 free. 

By manufacturing steel in this way, H2GS is able to reduce the Co2 emissions associated with the traditional blast furnace steel makers by approximately 95 per cent.  One tonne of H2GS steel will emit less than 0.1 tonne of CO2 and in contrast a tonne of traditionally manufactured steel will emit two tonnes of CO2.

H2GS will construct its first large scale green steel production site in the Boden-Lulea region of Northern Sweden. Hydro and wind power will be harnessed to generate the electricity that, through electrolysis, will produce the hydrogen gas to manufacture the green-steel.

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