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CGI of a new teaching block at Blessed George Napier School in Banbury for which RFS has won the metal deck and concrete floor contract

Metal Deck & Concrete Floors for Banbury School

Metal Deck and Metcon have secured the contract to design, supply and install composite concrete floor systems for the construction of a new teaching block at Blessed George Napier School in Banbury.

The project was awarded by the main contractor and forms part of a major refurbishment and expansion of the esteemed Catholic school in response to increasing demand for places.

A new teaching block, sixth form centre and assembly hall are being added to the school complex in two new buildings. Both are due for completion in time for the start of the 2022/2023 academic year.

First on site will be Metal Deck, the steel decking contractor division of Raised Floor Solutions. As an approved Kingspan Multideck contractor, Metal Deck will supply and install 758m2 of MD60 metal flooring

Metcon, RFS’s concrete floor contractor division, will then cast a 140mm concrete floor slab over the same area, which will be reinforced with A393 steel mesh.

The resulting composite concrete floor slab will provide the construction of the first floor in the new teaching block.

What is Metal Decking Used For?

Metal decking, sometimes referred to as steel decking, corrugated steel decking or ‘wrinkly tin’, is a sheet of thin gauge steel that is manufactured for use as formwork in construction. During manufacture, the metal is shaped into different thicknesses, lengths and profiles. Each profile has a different depth and, in the case of Kingspan Multideck, it’s the depth of the profile that gives the material its product name e.g. MD60 stands for Multideck 60mm.

steel decking contractors
Profiled Steel Deck

Metal decking is most often used in the construction of composite floors in steel frame buildings.  It can also be used as metal roof decking

How is Metal Deck Installed?

The deck is installed between the horizontal beams of the steel frame to create metal flooring. Concrete is then cast on top. The concrete is reinforced with steel mesh or steel fibres.

A cross section of a composite floor slab showing Kingspan MD60 metal deck
A cross section of a composite floor slab, showing the deck, steel mesh reinforcement and concrete

What are the Benefits of Metal Decking?

Metal decking has excellent tensile strength whilst being extremely light. Concrete has excellent compressive strength. Together the two materials combine to create a lightweight yet strong form of composite flooring which can accommodate heavy static and dynamic loads.  As both steel and concrete expand and contract in the same way when exposed to varying temperatures, they offer improved durability and fire performance.

Composite floors are frequently specified for multi-storey buildings, such as apartments blocks, offices and car parks.

Find out more about steel decking and composite concrete flooring in our ‘guide to steel decking‘ knowledge article.

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