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CGI of the Allam Endoscopy Centre in Hull for which Metal Deck has won the metal deck, concrete floor & metal roof deck contract

Metal Deck, Concrete Floors & Metal Roof Contract in Hull

Raised Floor Solutions has secured the contract to supply and install metal deck, reinforced concrete floors and metal roof decking for the construction of the prestigious new Allam Endoscopy Centre in Hull.

The pioneering new facility is being part-funded by an £8 million donation made by businessman and philanthropist Dr Assem Allam and his family to Hull University Teaching Hospital Trust.

The substantial donation has been made to enable the provision of world-class medical treatment and research facilities in modern and innovative new buildings. It is also hoped that the facilities will encourage further investment in the Hull area and attract first class medical talent.  

The donation is being split across several new facilities, including The Allam Diabetes Centre which is currently under construction and for which Metal Deck provided composite concrete floors.

The Allam Endoscopy Centre will be a specialist £6 million new build facility at Castle Hill Hospital in Hull.  Over three-storeys, it will provide clinical endoscopy research and teaching facilities for the treatment of digestive diseases.

Metal Deck, Raised Floors’ steel decking contractor division will supply and install 1740m2 of trapezoidal steel decking before handing over to Metcon concrete floor contractors who will design and install a 130mm concrete floor slab over the same area using a combination of A142 and A252 steel mesh reinforcement. The concrete floor slab will be given a power float finish.

Metalroof, the company’s structural metal roof contractor division, will supply and install a long spanning shallow metal roof deck with a 0.9mm gauge.

View a CGI fly-through of the new Endoscopy Centre from architects Alessandro Caruso below:

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