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CGI of the new A&E extension at Leighton Hospital for which RFS has won the metal deck contract

Metal Deck For Leighton Hospital

Raised Floor Solutions has secured the metal deck contract for a new £13M extension to Leighton Hospital in Crewe.

The new 44,000 sq ft two-storey addition will be a modular construction located next to the hospital’s existing A&E department and will extend the emergency facilities offered to create an ‘urgent care village’.

The building, which has been designed by Day Architecture, will house treatment rooms, rapid assessment suites, isolation bays, resuscitation bays and a bereavement suite. Also provided within the new extension will be a dedicated paediatric unit and metal health assessment rooms. On the ground floor will be new offices and staff facilities.

The contract will be fulfilled by Raised Floor Solutions’ specialist steel deck contractor division, Metal Deck, who will supply and install Kingspan Multideck MD60XP to the upper level.

Construction of the new A&E facility is expected to be completed by the end of this year (2021).

What is Kingspan Multideck XP?

‘XP’ is the name given to Kingspan steel floor decking which has been treated with a metallic ’Magnelis®’ coating during manufacture. The coating, engineered by ArcelorMittal, is composed of zinc, 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium.

Magnelis® is produced on a hot dip production line and provides metal deck with additional corrosion protection in outdoor environments – up to three times more than standard galvanising.

Kingspan XP is frequently specified in C3 and C4 environments, such as coastal locations or car parks. It is also a frequently specified for use in buildings where specific areas will not be accessible for regular inspection and maintenance.

About Metal Deck

Metal Deck is the steel decking contractor division within Raised Floor Solutions. Established in 2003, Metal Deck is an approved supplier and installer for all Kingspan Multideck profiles.

Kingspan is the leading manufacturer of high-performance steel floor decking known as ‘Multideck’. Multideck is the most widely specified composite steel deck system in the UK and is used for the construction of composite steel deck systems and reinforced concrete slabs.

Metal Deck also offers a stud welding contractor service and operates its own mobile stud welding rigs.

Steel decking supply and installation is available as an independent service or can be combined with reinforced concrete floor design and installation as a full composite concrete floor system solution.

Visit our Knowledge section to learn more about Metal Deck and composite floor construction.

To contact the Metal Deck contractor team, call 01695 555070 or email us.

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