About Metaldeck Steel Decking

Metaldeck Steel Decking is a division of Raised Floor Solutions Ltd. Metaldeck is a specialist steel decking floor contractor and an approved distributor of the full range of Kingspan Multideck Steel Floor Decking products.

Metaldeck is based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire with fully trained and skilled steel decking teams operating throughout the UK and Europe for clients in the leisure, industrial, commercial, healthcare, education and private sectors.

Kingspan Multideck is the most widely specified high performance steel floor decking system on the UK market for use in the construction of composite steel deck and concrete floor slabs.

Steel decking is the preferred method of floor construction for multi-storey structural steel framed buildings and floor deck offers structural engineers and contractors with a versatile and cost-effective composite steel deck flooring solution, which is acknowledged to minimise on site construction durations.

Working in partnership with Clients and Structural Engineers, Metaldeck technical team can advise on the most viable and cost effective steel deck and concrete floor slab solution for any project, which can be supported by load, span and fire design calculations undertaken within an ISO 9001 Quality Management System and backed by professional indemnity insurance.

The company utilises state-of-the-art BIM (Building Information Modelling) software to collaborate the design effectively on projects. Metaldeck was the first UK steel decking contractor to achieve CE marking in accordance with BS EN 1090-1 for the design and procurement of composite steel decking up to Execution Class 3.

kingspan multideck

Kingspan Multideck


Kingspan is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of structural steel components used by the construction industry. Metaldeck is an approved supplier and installer of Kingspan Multideck a high performance, galvanised steel floor deck designed for use in the construction of composite floor slabs.

Kingspan Multideck floor systems are available in five different profiles to suit a wide range of construction projects and applications.

All Kingspan Steel Floor Deck products are CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1090-1 to execution class EXC4.

This website contains information on the complete range of steel floor decking systems available from Kingspan, and supplied and installed by Metaldeck Steel Decking. The information includes Kingspan Multideck data sheet downloads, span capabilities, load/fire tables and technical profile drawings.


Kingspan Multideck MD50 / MD60 / MD80

Kingspan Multideck MD50 / MD60 / MD80


Kingspan Multideck MD50, MD60 and MD80 are the most frequently specified steel floor decks in the UK market. These profiles are high performance galvanised steel floor decks manufactured in high yield steel available in a dovetail (MD50) or trapezoidal profiles (MD60, MD80). They are specified on a wide range of construction projects and can span up to 5 metres (MD80) unpropped. The profiles are available in a range of gauges from 0.85mm to 1.5mm to suit the load and span requirement.


Kingspan Longspan Multideck MD146 / MD206

Kingspan Longspan Multideck MD146 / MD206


Kingspan Multideck MD146 is the most advanced trapezoidal profile on the market and is a direct alternative to pre cast concrete planks delivering unpropped span capabilities of up to 6.44 metres without the need for propping. MD146 should be considered for projects with spanning requirements of over 4 metres.

Kingspan Multideck MD206 is a long spanning steel deck, formerly known as Hoesch Additive Flooring, and is primarily designed for use in the construction of