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About Metal Deck Steel Deck Contractors

Metal Deck is a division of Raised Floor Solutions Ltd. Metal Deck is a specialist steel deck contractor and an approved supplier and installer of the full range of Kingspan Multideck metal floor decking products. 

Metal Deck is based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire with fully trained and skilled metal decking contractors operating throughout the UK and Europe for clients in the leisure, industrial, commercial, healthcare, education, residential and private sectors.

Kingspan Multideck is the most widely specified high performance composite metal floor deck system on the UK market. Multideck metal floor products are used in the construction of composite steel deck systems and reinforced concrete floor slabs.

  • Steel deck minimises on-site construction duration
  • The Metal Deck technical team can advise on the most viable and cost effective metal floor and concrete floor slab solution for any project
  • Backed by professional indemnity insurance
  • The company utilises state-of-the-art BIM design (Building Information Modelling) software

Composite metal decking is the preferred method of metal floor construction for multi-storey structural steel framed buildings. Metal floor deck offers structural engineers and contractors a versatile and cost-effective composite metal flooring solution. For more details on Metal Deck or Kingspan Multideck products contact us today.

To learn more about composite metal decking and the construction of composite floor systems visit our dedicated knowledge article

What is Metal Decking?

‘Metal decking’ are sheets of high-performance galvanised steel used to construct floors and roofs in buildings such as offices, apartments, industrial warehouses, supermarkets, schools, hospitals and car parks. Metal decking is also known as steel deck, corrugated steel sheeting, metal floor decking and composite steel decking. 

Metal decking is most commonly used in steel frame construction where is it combined with sheets of steel mesh reinforcement and concrete to provide a cost and time efficient type of composite formwork.

During manufacture, metal decking is shaped into shallow or deep profiles (known as ‘dovetail’ or ‘re-entrant’ and ‘trapezoidal’) and different gauge thicknesses. The required load capacity, span width and fire performance of the finished composite concrete floor dictates the type of metal floor profile specified. It also influences the depth of the reinforced concrete slab cast upon it.

composite metall deck installed by raised floor solutions steel decking contractors

Kingspan Multideck Steel Decking

Kingspan is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of structural steel components used by the construction industry. Metal Deck is an approved supplier and installer of Kingspan Multideck a high quality, galvanised steel floor decking designed for use in the construction of composite floor slabs.

Kingspan Multideck metal deck systems are available in five different profiles to suit a wide range of construction projects and applications.

All Kingspan metal flooring products are CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1090-1 to execution class EXC4, guaranteeing safety.

This website contains information on the complete range of steel floor deck systems available from Kingspan, and supplied and installed by Metal Deck Steel Decking contractors. The details include Kingspan Multideck data sheet downloads, span capabilities, load/fire tables and technical profile drawings.

Kingspan Multideck MD50 / MD60 / MD80

Kingspan Multideck MD50, MD60 and MD80 are the most frequently specified metal floor decks in the UK construction market. 

These profiles are high performance galvanised steel floor decks manufactured in high yield steel available in a dovetail (MD50) or trapezoidal profiles (MD60, MD80). They are high quality, specified on a wide range of construction projects and can span up to 5 metres (MD80) unpropped. 

The metal floor deck profiles are available in a range of gauges from 0.85mm to 1.5mm to suit the load and span requirement.

Kingspan Longspan Multideck MD146 / MD206

Kingspan Multideck MD146 is the most advanced trapezoidal metal decking profile on the market and is a direct alternative to pre cast concrete planks delivering unpropped span capabilities of up to 6.44 metres without the need for propping. MD146 should be considered for projects with spanning requirements of over 4 metres.

Kingspan Multideck MD206 is a long spanning steel deck, formerly known as Hoesch Additive Flooring, and is primarily designed for use in the construction of raised deck or multi-storey car parks. The metal floor deck system has excellent corrosion protection qualities, helping improve safety, and is colour coated to provide a bespoke soffit finish.

The benefits of including Kingspan’s new long spanning steel deck include safety, rapid installation and, in most instances, a lower build cost due to reductions in concrete volumes providing a lower weight on the main steel frame and foundations.

Kingspan Multideck metal decking with Engineered Ends

Kingspan Multideck Steel Decking with Engineered Ends

Kingspan Multideck Metal Decking is now available with ‘Engineered Ends’ adding even greater speed and efficiency when specified for composite floor construction.

The innovation was developed at the suggestion of Raised Floor Solutions and involves the end of the galvanised steel deck profile being folded and pressed during manufacture to form a slope. This process removes the need for galvanised end caps to be manually positioned over the end of each metal floor deck profile after it has been installed on site.

The substantial reduction in labour time results in greater time and cost efficiencies in the build programme.

Specifying metal deck with engineered ends also allows a greater volume of concrete to come into contact with the steel beams and around shear studs, therefore improving the overall composite action and the performance of the steel frame. They also reduce the amount of grout loss during the casting of the composite concrete floor slab reducing staining on the steel frame and paint coatings.

a steel decking profile which has been manufactured with magnelis corrosion protection

Corrosion Protection/Surface Finishes for Metal Decking

Kingspan metal deck products are manufactured in galvanised steel in accordance with BS EN 10326 and BS EN 10143 specifications for continuously hot dip zinc / metal coated structural steel strip. This results in a minimum total coating mass of 275g/m2.

All Multideck profiles are available coated in a protective outer paint layer. This added paint layer not only creates the opportunity to introduce colour to the soffit of the deck, but also protects the exposed metal floor deck from corrosion; prolonging lifespan and enhancing aesthetic appearance.

Multideck products can be manufactured using Magnelis ™ Coating. This is branded as Kingspan XP steel coating and is specified for the most demanding or aggressive C4 and C5 environments and provide up to three times more protection than standard galvanising.

The Magnelis ™ XP Coating is a unique metallic steel coating that is used in a range of applications and offers long-term surface protection and highly effective corrosion resistance. The unique composition contains 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium. The Magnesium content ensures a stable and durable protective layer. Download the Magnelis ™ brochure and corrosion certificate using the links below or watch this short video.

a metal deck operative conducting stud welding services stood on a floor of composite steel decking sheets

Shear Stud Welding

Metaldeck offers a UK wide specialist stud welding service. Metaldeck operates a fleet of modern mobile stud welding rigs for the on-site installation of high strength welded shear stud connectors.

Shear studs can be used for a number of applications and are recognised as the most efficient method of achieving the necessary interaction between steel beams and reinforced concrete floor slabs in composite floor construction.

Both Thru-Deck and Straight-To-Steel stud welding services are available from Metaldeck.

Find out more about Stud Welding, why it’s used and it’s many advantages in our Guide to Stud Welding.

bundles of composite metal decking

Steel Deck Design & Supply Only

Metaldeck also offers Clients a supply-only Steel Decking Stock Sales service and a Steel Deck Design service as well as Kingspan Decking products.

This service is ideal for those working on independent projects, looking to replace site-damaged composite metal decking sheets or accommodate alterations. In most cases, steel decking can be supplied in days rather than weeks keeping project durations to a minimum.

steel decking contractors


Raised Floor Solutions offers a full in-house design service. Early project involvement allows the company to value engineer the steel deck, concrete floor slab and access flooring elements to establish the most efficient design solution.

All design work is assured by the latest Kingspan design software and professional indemnity insurance.

RFS provides clients with a full in-house design service, backed by Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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