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a CGI of Bridgewater High School in Warrington showing the areas of the school that will be extended. RFS will provide and install metal decking, concrete floors and metal roof deck for the work.

Metal Decking, Concrete & Roof Contract for School

Raised Floor Solutions has secured the contract to supply and install composite concrete floors and metal roof deck for the expansion of education facilities at Bridgewater High School in Warrington.

The job was awarded by the main contractor and is starting on site this month, with completion scheduled for Autumn 2022.

Bridgewater High School is a large co-educational secondary school split across two sites in Appleton, Warrington.  The imminent arrival of several volume housing developments in the immediate area, totalling around 1,000 new dwellings, will bring increased demand on an already oversubscribed facility.

Two new two-storey extensions are being constructed which will house additional classrooms, new dining facilities and visitor and student entrances.

The contract will be fulfilled by three specialist divisions within Raised Floor Solutions working in partnership to provide the client with a seamless deck, concrete and metal roof solution.

First on site will be Metal Deck Steel Decking Contractors who will supply and install 735m2 of 50mm re-entrant profile composite metal decking. They will hand over to Metcon Concrete Floor Contractors who will cast a reinforced concrete floor slab over the same area.

Metal Roof, RFS’s team of structural metal roof deck contractors, will supply and install a 35mm deep lightweight roof deck for the new extensions.

What is composite metal decking?

Composite metal decking is a sheet of thin profiled steel manufactured for use as a type of formwork in construction.

The steel deck sheets are laid between the horizontal beams of a steel frame construction creating a metal floor onto which is cast a concrete slab. The slab is reinforced with either steel mesh or steel fibres.

Indentations in the steel deck sheets help it bond with the concrete. Together the composite floor construction provides superior longevity and load bearing and fire performance than either material in isolation.

The composite floor is also lightweight and quick to install providing a time and cost efficient method of construction.

For more information, read our knowledge articles: A Guide to Steel Decking, What is Composite Metal Deck and A Guide to Reinforced Concrete Floors.

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