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Metal Roof Decking

Structural metal roof decking is a versatile and proven method of roof construction. A liner sheet is used to span across the structural frame of a building, thereby reducing the amount of roof components including purlins. Spans of up to 7400 mm can be achieved.

Metalroof is a trading division of Raised Floor Solutions and a supplier and installer of Joris Ide Structural Metal Roof Deck, Tata RoofDek and Kingspan Multideck metal decking profiles.

A wide range of metal roof decking profiles depths are available, from 19mm to 200mm, which provides the structural deck for all kinds of built up roof systems, including Single-Ply, and Green Roofs.

The profiled metal roof decking is combined with insulation and weatherproof membranes to provide superior coverage in commercial, industrial or residential buildings.

In addition to standard galvanised or powder coated finishes, roof decks can be supplied in aluminium for use in aggressive environments where corrosion protection is essential, such as swimming pools.

Perforated acoustic decking is also available where sound absorption is required.

Structural metal roof deck meets stringent legislation regarding performance whilst still offering the designer the freedom of clean internal lines.

shear studs installed in sheets of metal decking in the uk

Structural Metal Roof Deck Profiles

Structural roof deck is available in a choice of shallow (19mm to 85mm) or deep (85mm – 200mm) profile depths, depending on the metal roof deck manufacturer.

The choice of profile, thickness and finish is dependent on the span, the imposed loads, type of insulation and weatherproofing, and any aesthetic or internal considerations, which the structural metal roof deck is required to fulfil.

Roof deck with a shallow profile is an ideal lightweight roof solution that fulfils the combined requirements of fast track installation, cost efficiencies, aesthetics and structural performance.

Available shallow profiles include 35mm/ 37mm/ 42mm/ 56mm/ 73mm/ 85mm, but please contact us for full details of all options available.

Deep profile roof deck offers exceptional strength and is specified when there is a requirement for a strong solid base to accommodate a heavy dead load, such as a green roof or air conditioning system.

Due to its exceptional span capabilities, deep profile roof deck is suited to large scale, architecturally interesting buildings as it eliminates the requirement for purlins.

Available deep deck profiles include 100mm/ 106mm/ 135mm/ 153mm/ 158mm/ 200mm – other profiles are available depending on manufacturer.

All roof deck products are available in a range of gauges from 0.7mm to 1.25mm.

For more information, please contact us

perforated acoustic metal roof deck

Perforated Acoustic Metal Roof Deck

A range of acoustic roof deck products in profile depths 35mm to 200mm are available.

Depending on the individual acoustic requirements, perforation is available as web, pan or full. Web perforation is generally preferred to full perforation, as full perforation can significantly reduce the load carrying capacity of the finished roof system.

Manufacturers offer a choice of perforated acoustic roof deck profiles capable of achieving various sound absorption ratings (A-D).Perforated roof deck can also be supplied in a range of soffit finishes or aluminium.

metal roof deck

Specialist Metal Roof Decking Surface Finishes

Structural metal roof deck is available in a choice of materials and finishes depending on the environment into which it is being installed.

Plain galvanised steel is the most economical form of structural roof deck and is the ideal choice for buildings where the soffit will be concealed behind suspended ceilings, such as in commercial office buildings.

However, where the underside of the deck will be exposed internally, Metalroof can supply and install a range of pre-finished Polyester powder coated finishes in all RAL colours and Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra prefinished steel, that enhance the internal aesthetics.

Where structural roof decking is exposed to aggressive corrosive environments the metal roof profile can be produced in aluminium with or without a colour coating.

magnelis corrosion protection on metal decking

Metal Roof Deck Design

Raised Floor Solutions offers a full design service to those looking to specify structural metal roof deck on their next industrial, commercial or residential project. Designers and clients are encouraged to engage with Raised Floor Solutions at an early stage in a project’s development to fully benefit from the time and cost efficiencies offered by this construction method.

In addition to the warranty offered by metal roof deck manufacturers, Raised Floor Solutions maintains professional indemnity insurance of up to £5million.

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