About Metcon Concrete Floors

Metcon Concrete Floors specialises in the design and construction of high quality composite concrete floors on all types of steel floor decking systems.

Metcon Concrete Floors is based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, and is a member of The Concrete Society and The Association of Concrete Industrial Flooring Contractors (ACIFC) through parent company, Raised Floor Solutions Ltd.

Metcon concrete flooring contractors apply in depth knowledge and experience to the design and installation of composite concrete floor slabs, in combination with sister division Metaldeck steel decking providing Clients with a single-source composite flooring solution.

Working in partnership with Clients and Structural Engineers, Metcon technical team can advise on the most viable and cost effective steel deck and concrete floor slab solution for any project, which can be supported by load, span and fire design calculations backed by professional indemnity insurance.

Concrete floor slabs range from 130mm to 250mm in thickness and can be designed by Metcon to provide an optimum design solution incorporating either traditional mesh reinforcement or fibre reinforced concrete.

Metcon is adept at achieving high tolerance surface flatness using either a skipfloat or powerfloat operation to the required specification. Concrete ground floor slabs and external hardstandings are also within the capabilities of the Metcon concrete flooring team to complete concrete solution.

All contracts are overseen by a dedicated Project Manager and are delivered in line with an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.


Concrete on Steel Decking


The formation of a composite floor slab involves the casting of an insitu concrete slab onto a steel decking profile. This is the most commonly accepted form of multi-storey construction in the UK due to the many economic and programme benefits it achieves.

Through many years of experience in the provision of steel deck floor systems, Metcon has become a market leading specialist concrete floor contractor able to design and install composite concrete floors on all types of projects and steel decking systems.

Mesh Reinforced Composite Floor Slabs

Mesh Reinforced Composite Floor Slabs


Metcon has many years experience of designing and installing concrete floors using mesh reinforcement and it remains the most popular method of casting concrete floors on steel decking.

Mesh reinforcement is required for the fire design and to control cracking that can occur in concrete due to shrinkage and other induced tensile stresses.

The grade of mesh used is dependent on the type of steel decking specified, the imposed load and fire requirement, which varies from A142 to A393, plus any additional loose bar reinforcement which may be needed at positions of concentrated loads, i.e. point or line loading.

Mesh sheets should be supported on mesh spaces to mantain the required position during the concrete pour. Top mesh should be placed in a zone of 15mm – 40mm from the top surface of the slab.

When this type of reinforcement is specified, consideration needs to be given to the vertical hoisting of the mesh packs onto the structure following the installation of the decking.

Using Kingspan Multideck software, Metcon can fully design and advise on the most cost effective steel deck and concrete floor solution to meet the design criteria, backed by it’s own Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Fibre Reinforced Composite Floor Slabs