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RFS Joins The EOA

After becoming employee owned in March 2019, Raised Floor Solutions is proud to have been welcomed into the Employee Ownership Association (EOA).

The EOA is a not for profit organisation that works to champion, promote and provide insight into the positive economic, commercial and staff related benefits of becoming employee owned. The organisation promotes the growth of member businesses through unique learning, networking and trading opportunities.The EOA was founded in 1979 as ‘Job Ownership Ltd’ and campaigns independently to promote beneficial tax and legal environments for employee owned businesses.

There are over 370 employee owned businesses in the UK. Data indicates that these businesses outperform their competitors on an annual basis, being more successful, profitable, competitive and sustainable.

As co-owners, staff in employee owned businesses tend to be more entrepreneurial and committed to the company and its success, and therefore tend to stay with a business for longer.

The EOA believes that increasing employee ownership in the UK will deliver greater economic impact for the individuals, businesses and regional economies. They also advocate the need to spread ownership in the economy in preparation for the inevitable impact on jobs and significant parts of the workforce of automation and artificial intelligence.

For more information on the EOA visit: https://employeeownership.co.uk/

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