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RFS now offering Multideck LEC: A Low Carbon Solution

As the UK’s largest approved supplier and installer of Kingspan’s high performance Multideck steel decking products, Raised Floor Solutions is excited to introduce Kingspan’s latest innovation: the Multideck LEC, a low carbon solution. As a leader in sustainable building solutions, Kingspan has developed the LEC product range to significantly reduce carbon output. The Multideck LEC is a high-performance, profiled, galvanized steel floor decking designed for use in the construction of composite floor slabs. This innovative product offers substantial environmental benefits, as demonstrated by its Lifecycle Assessment (LCA) data to the EN 15804-A2 standard. The LCA data shows a 66% reduction in embodied carbon in modules A1-A3 (product stage) and a 63% reduction in embodied carbon across LCA modules A-C, compared to the existing product. Additionally, the Multideck LEC contains 75% recycled content, further enhancing its sustainability credentials.


Multideck LEC 60
Multideck LEC 50
Multideck LEC 80
Multideck LEC 146

Multideck LEC is available in all the current Multideck profiles, LEC 50, LEC 60, LEC 80 and LEC 146, each offering the same high level of performance with reduced environmental impact as a part of Kingspan’s commitment to providing low carbon solutions for the construction industry.


Multideck LEC 60

  • Recycled content: 75%
  • 60mm trapezoidal profile offering unpropped spans up to 4.7m
  • Gauge range 0.9 – 1.2mm for economic solutions
  • Highly efficient concrete cross section using up 20% less concrete than other decks
  • Available with engineered ends solutions to increase installtion speed on site
  • Fibre reinforcement options avaliable
  • Available in lengths up to 12m with a 1.0m cover width for rapid lay of deck on site

Multideck LEC 50

  • Recycled content: 75%
  • 50mm re-entrant rib profile maximises the shear interaction between deck and concrete
  • 110mm minimum slab depth available
  • Provides stable working platform during construction, increasing worker safety during construction.
  • Spans up to 4.0m unpropped

Multideck LEC 80

  • Recycled content: 75%
  • 80mm trapezoidal profile giving maximum strength
  • Gauge range 1.0 – 1.2mm for economic solutions
  • Highly efficient concrete cross section maximising performance
  • Available with our engineered ends solution to increase installation speed on-site
  • Fibre reinforcement option available
  • Powder coating service may be available
  • Available in lengths up to 12.0m with a 0.9m cover width for rapid lay of deck on-site

Multideck LEC 146

  • Recycled content: 75%
  • Manufactured using high strength steel in a unique profile to give the best possible construction stage performance
  • Shear keys and top embossment offer excellent shear bond with cast concrete
  • Excellent fire stage performance utilising insulated bottom bar reinforcement
  • The concrete cross section is refinded to use up to 31% less concrete than other decks
  • Available in 1.2mm and 1.5mm steel gauge
  • Spans up to 6.0m unpropped

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