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SHEQ is central to success. Raised Floor Solutions Ltd, and it’s trading divisions Metaldeck Steel Decking, Metpark Car Parks, Metcon Concrete Floors and Access Flooring, is committed to running a safe and sustainable business that does not impact adversely on the environments in which it operates, and that supports the health and well being of it’s employees.

Time, effort and resources are invested daily to make SHEQ (Safety, Health, Quality and the Environment) a seamless aspect of every job undertaken by the company and it’s representatives.

Raised Floor Solutions employs SHEQ safety professionals to ensure its safety management system and working practices comply with current legislative requirements and best practice.

Raised Floor Solutions monitors SHEQ performance against stringent internal KPI’s as a process of ongoing improvement. Results are judged as keenly as commercial targets, with both regarded as important gauges of the business’s success. All employees undertake regular refresher health and safety training, supplemented by the publication and circulation of Toolbox Talks and SHEQ Safety Alert bulletins.

All operatives hold CSCS cards including CSCS Net Rigger, Stud Welder and Steel Decker, where relevant, CPCS/IPAF qualifications. Those responsible for operating heavy duty machinery undergo Occupational Health medical examinations at regular intervals.

Raised Floor Solutions distributes and enforces Best Practice guidelines for the safe installation of flooring products. The guidelines covers elements associated with works undertaken by Raised Floor Solutions and its trading divisions.

Download copies of the guidelines using the links below. A summary of Raised Floor Solutions’ Heath and Safety policy is available here. For a copy of the full policy please contact us.

Raised Floor Solutions is CHAS Premium Plus accredited.

Raised Floor Solutions follows the four pillars of safe working practice:

Safe Systems of Work

Site Specific Method Statements and risk assessments are produced for each contract.

Competent Workforce

All site operatives are fully trained in accordance with legislative and construction industry requirements, as a minimum. All RFS operatives hold CSCS cards and, where relevant, CPCS/IPAF qualifications. Occupational Health medical examinations are undertaken at regular intervals by those responsible for operating heavy duty machinery.

Safe Working Environment

Site Specific Risk Assessments are carried for each contract in advance of commencement on site and Supervisors are encouraged to constantly assess the environment in which they work.

Effective Supervision

Supervisors are SSSTS qualified and Managers are SMSTS Qualified.

SHEQ Downloads

Material Loading Out & Positioning Guidelines for Principal/Sub Contractors (FD.01)

System Edge Protection (FD.02)

Concrete Pouring on to Steel Floor Decking Best Practice Guidelines (FD.03)
Propping Steel Floor Decking Best Practice Guidelines (FD.04)


In addition to upholding regulatory Quality standards, Raised Floor Solutions undertakes all operations in line with ISO 9001 Quality Management standard, providing customers and stakeholders with a consistently high level of service that meets, if not exceeds, their requirements.

The company monitors it’s Quality performance against stringent internal KPIs as a process of ongoing improvement in addition to regularly seeking valuable feedback from clients post project.

CE Marking

Clients, designers and main contractors are legally obliged to ensure that all structural steel components used in a construction project meet the requirements set out by BS 1090; this includes composite steel floor decking, welded shear studs and the structural steel frame.

On Site Quality Testing

On site quality testing and monitoring is conducted by all divisions during the installation process to ensure that products comply with manufacturer recommendations and contract specification. Below is a description of the quality tests undertaken by each division of Raised Floor Solutions.

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The site installation of Kingspan Multideck is carried out in accordance with Kingspan technical literature and recommendations using approved shot fired fixings.

Client handover sheets for each of the completed floor deck levels and phases are produced and submitted on every project by the site installation team

Site welded through deck shear connectors are installed on the majority of projects which provide the composite action between the steel frame and the concrete slab.

Stud welding is undertaken by Raised Floor Solutions’ modern fleet of mobile stud welding rigs and fully trained welding operatives in compliance with BSEN ISO 14555-2006.

All operatives have been independently tested and certified to weld in accordance with BSEN14555 and stud welding test certification is attached for reference below.

The on-site testing of the welded connectors is critical to ensure this structural component is fit for purpose and a copy of our shear stud testing procedures is also attached for reference.

On site testing comprises of

  1. 100% Visual examination according to BSEN ISO 14555 11.2
  1. 100% Ring testing according to BSEN ISO 14555 11.8
  1. Bend testing (15 degrees) shall be performed on the greater of 5% or at least 2 studs on each beam according to BSEN ISO 14555 10.3.2

Compliance with the above ensures that all decking and stud installations are defect free

Example Shear Stud Testing Report

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Metcon Concrete Floors implements a series of strict quality control procedures at every stage of composite floor construction to ensure that each project is completed to the highest possible standard.

Working with the chosen concrete supplier, Metcon will tailor concrete mix designs to suit each project specification. CEM1 or blended mixes with a range of aggregate sizes and slump characteristics are utilised depending on the design, location, timing and desired surface finish. Mix designs will always be provided for approval before works on site commence.

Where required, Metcon will produce onsite Cube Tests by taking a set of 100mm x 100mm concrete cubes per pour which are sent to an independent source to be crush tested, with seven, 28 and 56 day test results providing the compressive strength of the concrete. Additional sets of cubes can be ordered according to the concrete slab specification.

Metcon can conduct a concrete floor surface tolerance survey in accordance with the agreed specification on completion of each pour. This consists of a straight edge survey in accordance with BS8204 whereby a calibrated two metre straight edge is placed perpendicular to the direction of the deck span and a calibrated wedge is used to measure the deviation beneath the straight edge and the surface of the slab. The results are plotted on a layout drawing and issued as an as built survey.

Example Concrete Mix Design

Example Cube Test Report

Example Level Survey

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All Kingspan Access Flooring is subjected to rigourous in-house testing to ensure compliance with PSA MOB PF2 PS and BS EN 12825 standards. Considerable investment is made in testing to safeguard the 25-year warranty offered on all Kingspan Access Flooring products.

In addition, Access Flooring can undertake T42 Swing Bag Tests to establish that the pedestals will be adequately secured to the sub floor. The PSA T42 Swing Bag Test is conducted using a soft canvas or leather bag holding 3kg of dry sand. The bag is set up at random positions through the installation at an arc of 90 degrees and a radius of 1 metre and repeatedly swung at the floor pedestals to check they are correctly fixed to the sub floor. The pass rate should be 95%, and 99% in high risk areas such as data centres or rooms occupying heavy equipment or machinery.

Example T42 Swing Bag Test Report
swing bag test for raised access flooring contractors

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