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Multideck steel decking systems back by a Kingspan warranty.

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Kingspan Multideck available with Magnelis® Corrosion Proteection.

Multideck steel decking systems back by a Kingspan warranty.

The most specified steel decking for MSCP construction.


About Metpark

The construction of high-quality multi-storey car parks using composite steel floor decking is now becoming widely adopted as the preferred method of building single and multi-level car parks throughout the UK.

Offering the traditional benefits of fast track construction technology in combination with large free spans and flexible layouts, Kingspans range of Multideck products are ideally suited to car park construction.

In addition to the standard galvanised deck coating, Kingspan car parking deck systems are offered with options of XP; heavy duty metallic coating incorporating zinc and magnesium for the most demanding and aggressive C4 and C5 environments, and Powder Coating to any RAL colour.

This additional paint layer not only protects exposed floor deck from corrosion, prolonging the life span, but enhances the aesthetic appearance and is often used for visual guidance with different soffit colours on each parking level.

A system warranty and guarantee can be provided by Kingspan at design and construction stages of the work when a full supply and installation package is sourced through Raised Floor Solutions based on the system specified and environmental location of the build.

Following the completion of numerous multi-storey car park schemes, Raised Floor Solutions will provide no obligation design and costing advice for car park building projects all backed by a high level of Professional
Indemnity Insurance.

Kingspan Multideck

Kingspan Multideck is a high performance, profiled, galvanised steel floor deck for use in the construction of composite floor slabs. It is ideal for use on multi-storey car park projects due to its long span widths, durability and strength.

Some of the advantages for using Multideck steel decking in car park construction include:

  • Versatile and sustainable flooring solution widely acknowledge to minimise onsite construction durations
  • The larger range of Multideck gauge thicknesses allow much closer matching of design requirements and deck performance
  • Steel decking is transported to site in pre-cut lengths, and in pre-packaged bundles for easy on-site handling and installation

For more information on specifying Kingspan Multideck for multi-storey car park construction download a brochure using the link below

Kingspan Multideck MD60 and MD80 are the most frequently specified types of steel floor decking in the UK.

MD60 is the original and most popular steel deck in the market due to its structurally efficient trapezoidial profile maximising span capacity up to 4.5m unpropped. Due to its unique profile Kingspan Multideck MD60 requires less concrete than other decks.

MD80 incorporates all the advantages of MD60V2 but in a deeper profile therefore providing longer spans of up to 5.4m unpropped. Its unique profile means it requires less concrete that any other steel decking product to achieve any specified slab thickness.

MD80 is becoming the preferred trapezoidal deck for multi-storey car park construction due to its spanning capabilities and cost effectiveness.

The range of gauge thicknesses, from 0.9mm to 1.5mm, allows MD60 and MD80 to be economically designed to suit the unique span profile of the scheme.

Kingspan Multideck 206C (also known as Hoesch Additive Floor) is a unique Kingspan long spanning steel floor deck designed specifically for multi-storey car park construction.

It is capable of spanning widths up to 5.5 metres unpropped and with excellent car park aesthetic qualities and is the most widely specified steel floor deck on European multi-storey car park construction projects.

Kingspan Multideck 206C is structurally efficient providing a lightweight construction solution which delivers a saving in concrete, supporting steel frame and foundations whilst providing a robust and acoustic solution.

The deck is proven to be extremely efficient in car park environments and can be installed quickly via its patented hanging system.

Kingspan Multideck 206C is extremely durable with a life span of in excess of 20 years and is supplied to site colour coated for additional corrosion protection and car park level indication.

Kingspan Multideck 146 has been engineered to optimise performance of steel and concrete. No other trapezoidial profile can span as far as MD146 and it should be considered for projects with spanning requirements of 5 metres and above.

Kingspan Multideck 146 is a single spanning deck and is ideal for multi storey car park construction where pre studded composite beams have been designed. This provides shallow floor construction of just 215mm which can also be incorporated within the beam depth.

The 146mm deep profile is available in either 1.2mm or 1.5mm gauge thicknesses providing unpropped spans in excess of 6 metres.

MD146 is optimised to minimise the concrete volumes on longer spans achieving significant savings in comparison to other traditional trapezoidial steel floor decks.

MD146 requires 31% less concrete giving a saving in weight and resulting in economies in the supporting structure and foundations.

Corrosion Protection/Surface Finishes

Kingspan Multideck products are manufactured in galvanised steel in accordance with BS EN 10326 and BS EN 10143 specifications for continuously hot dip zinc / metal coated structural steel strip. This results in a minimum total coating mass of 275g/m2.

All Multideck profiles are available coated in a protective outer paint layer. This added paint layer not only creates the opportunity to introduce colour to the soffit of the deck, but also protects the exposed floor deck from corrosion; prolonging lifespan and enhancing aesthetic appearance.

Multideck products can be manufactured using Magnelis ™ Coating. This is branded as Kingspan XP steel coating and is specified for the most demanding or aggressive C4 and C5 environments and provide up to ten times more protection than standard galvanising.

The Magnelis ™  XP Coating is a unique metallic steel coating that is used in a range of applications and offers long-term surface protection and highly effective corrosion resistance. The unique composition contains 3.5% aluminium and 3% magnesium. The Magnesium content ensures a stable and durable protective layer. Download the Magnelis ™  brochure and corrosion certificate using the links below or watch this short video.

Design Warranties

Due to the excellent performance of Kingspan Multideck products, Kingspan is able to provide a warranty on the decking system specified.

The length of the guarantee is dependent on the car park environment and the product specification and Raised Floor Solutions encourages designers and clients to engage at design stage to ensure that the product specified is suitable for the lifespan required.

In addition to the Kingspan warranty, RFS maintains Professional Indemnity Insurance of up to £10M, which also covers workmanship and materials.

Car Park Projects

To view details of recent steel decking contracts undertaken on multi-storey car parks please click on one of the projects to the right.

RFS was proud to be involved in the construction of the new multi-storey car park at London Luton Airport – see the car park come to life in the time lapse video below.

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