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a photo of P&B Foods building in Bradford for which RFS will supply & install steel deck for the construction of a new extension

Steel Deck For Bradford Food Distribution Facility

Raised Floor Solutions has secured the contract to supply and install steel deck for the extension of a prominent food production and distribution facility in Bradford.

P&B Foods is one of the largest and fastest growing Asian food suppliers and distributors in the UK and throughout Europe. Its main production facility occupies a 16,000m2 building on the Prologis Business Park on Newhall Way in Bradford.

The company produces goods under popular brand names including Heera, Balal and Rishta and is a major distributor of hundreds of other well-known Asian food brands such as Tilda and Pataks.

The new extension will see the facility expand by 5241m2 and follows a prolonged period of extensive growth and demand.

The contract will be fulfilled by Raised Floor Solutions’ steel deck contractor division, Metal Deck.  Metal Deck will supply and install 1320m2 of 60mm trapezoidal steel deck over two floors. The steel deck will have a gauge of 0.9mm.

Metal Deck is scheduled to start on site in May.

About Metal Deck

Metal Deck is the steel deck contractor division of Raised Floor Solutions and specialising in the supply and installation of steel decking for the construction of composite concrete floor systems.

Metal Deck is one of five trading divisions within Raised Floor Solutions. Other divisions include concrete floor contractor: Metcon, car park design and build contractor: Metpark, metal roof deck contractor: Metalroof and raised access flooring contractor: Access Flooring.

Each division can work independently or collaboratively providing Clients with a complete packaged flooring and construction solution with the benefit of a single point of contact.

For more information call the team on 01695 555070 or get in touch via the contact form on this website.

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About P&B Foods

P&B Foods can trace its origins back to the 1960’s when co-founder Mr Patel traded rice and spices from a van.  In 1970, Mr Bhatoa became joint partner and the P&B Foods business was born.

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