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Kingspan Steel Decking Products

Metaldeck is an approved supplier and installer of Kingspan Multideck; a high performance, galvanised steel floor decking used in composite floor slab construction.

Kingspan Multideck floor systems are available in five different steel decking profiles to suit a broad range of construction projects. View steel decking dimensions, span widths and download data sheets below.

All Kingspan metal decking panels are CE marked in accordance with BS EN 1090-1 to execution class EXC4.

Multideck MD50-V3

Multideck MD50-V3 is a dovetail rib steel decking profile capable of maximising the deck bond to concrete, delivering best in class load capacity and spanning widths of up to 4.0m unpropped.

MD50-V3 replaces V2, and is the result of a number of design improvements by Kingspan including the introduction of a higher grade steel for the metal decking panel.

The range of gauge thickness has also been extended delivering design performance and economic savings.

Key features include:

– 50mm Dovetail rib profile maximising steel deck bond to concrete
– Minimum slab depth of 100mm
– Spans up to 4.0m unpropped
– Gauge range available up to 1.20mm
– Shear keys on flange and webs of ribs gives class leading load capability
– 1hr fire performance with 100mm slab depth
– Fire performance up to 4hrs
– Acoustic robust solution

technical drawing of MD50 metal decking profile with dimensions and span width
a diagram of MD50 metal decking set within a composite floor slab showing steel mesh reinforcement

Multideck MD60-V3

The original and still the most popular steel decking product in the market is a 60mm highly structural efficient trapezoidal profile. MD60-V3 provides an excellent composite union between metal decking panel and concrete to maximise load carrying and spanning up to 4.5m (no props).

The efficient shape of the metal decking panel and resulting composite floor slab make an excellent option for composite beam design.

Key features include:

– 60mm trapezoidal profile giving maximum strength
– Spans up to 4.5m unpropped
– Gauge range 0.9mm to 1.2mm for economic solutions
– Efficient concrete section using up to 20% less concrete than other steel decks
– 1 hour fire performance with 130mm slab depth
– Fire performance up to 4 hour

technical drawing for MD60 metal deck profile showing dimensions and span widths
cross section of a composite concrete floor slab showing MD60 metal decking, steel mesh reinforcement and a concrete floor slab

Multideck MD80-V3

Multideck MD80-V3 is designed to incorporate all the advantages of the MD 60-V3 but in a deeper profile to provide longer spans of up to 5.4m unpropped.

Key features include:
– 80mm trapezoidal profile giving maximum strength
– Spans up to 5.4m unpropped
– Gauge range 1.0mm through 1.2mm for economic solutions
– 1 hour fire performance with 140mm slab depth
– Fire performance up to 4 hours

technical drawing for md80 metal deck profile showing dimensions and span widths
cross section of a composite concrete floor slab showing MD80 metal decking, steel mesh reinforcement and a concrete floor slab

Multideck MD146

Multideck MD146 is the most advance trapezoidal steel decking product on the market and is a direct alternative to precast concrete planks, delivering unpropped span capabilities of up to 6.0m

MD146 is a long spanning metal decking panel installed on the top flange of the steelwork in exactly the same manner as MD60 and MD80 without the need for ASB steel beams to provide support.

MD146 can be designed compositely using 19 x 195mm shear connectors providing very flexible design solutions.

The use of MD146 against traditional precast can result in reduced project durations through faster installation.

Key features include:
– A direct alternative to precast concrete planks
– 146mm deep profile trapezoidal steel deck available in 1.2/1.5mm gauges
– Capable of unpropped span widths of up to 6.0m
– Requires 31% less concrete to produce the same slab depth as the next best spanning 80mm trapezoidal deck
– Can produce a shallow floor construction depth of just 215mm
– Compatible with beams that have pre-fixed shear studs
– Can reduce project duration due to faster installation times and the elimination of need for secondary steel work

technical drawing for med146 metal deck profile showing dimensions and span widths
MD146 metal deck profile

Multideck MD206

Multideck 206 (formerly known at Hoesch Additive Flooring) is a long spanning steel floor decking product designed primarily for use in the construction of raised deck or multi-storey car parks.

The steel deck system is proven to be extremely efficient and the underside can be colour coated with a stove enamel lacquer on a polyester base for additional corrosion protection and car park level indication.

Key features include:
– reliable for more than 20 years
– lightweight construction
– clear beam distances of up to 5.60m
– patented supporting technique
– rapid and convenient installation of metal decking panels without a crane
– no propping required

coloured metal decking profiles

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