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metal decking being installed by metal deck operatives

What is Metal Decking?

What to find out more about metal decking? This video and the transcript below provides a quick overview of what metal decking is and what it is used for. It also explains some of the different types of decking available from one of the globe’s largest manufacturers.

Metal decking is a high-performance sheet of thin galvanised steel used in floor and roof construction. It is also referred to as steel decking and corrugated steel decking.

Metal decking is frequently specified for use in composite concrete floor systems for the construction of multi-storey buildings, such as commercial offices, residential apartments schemes, hospitals, schools and colleges, and car parks.

Composite Concrete Floor Systems

Metal decking is combined with a reinforcement, such as steel mesh or steel fibres, and concrete to create a composite concrete floor system.

Composite concrete floor systems are a type of formwork frequently specified in steel frame construction.

The key benefits of composite concrete floor systems are:

  • Improved load capability
  • Improved fire performance
  • Improved durability

Metal decking profiles

During manufacture, galvanised steel is shaped into different shallow or deep profiles.

The depth of the profile influences the performance of the decking and the composite concrete floor system.

The profiles are:

Dovetail – shallow profile

  • Up to 175mm deep
  • Short span widths

Also known as re-entrant

Trapezoidal – deep profile

  • Up to 225mm deep
  • Longer span widths

The longer the span capacity, the less requirement for ‘propping’ beneath such as with columns, pillars or walls.

Metal decking can be manufactured in different gauge thicknesses – between 0.85mm and 1.5mm

The profile determines:

  • Maximum unpropped span
  • Load capacity
  • Fire performance

Metal Deck

Raised Floor Solutions offers decking supply and installation through its expert steel decking contractor division, Metal Deck.

Metal Deck is the UK’s largest supplier and installer of Kingspan Multideck.

Kingspan Multideck

Kingspan is Europe’s largest manufacturer and supplier of metal decking.

Known as Kingspan Multideck, the range includes five different profile which can offer fire performance of up to 4 hours and unpropped span widths of up to 6 metres.

The Kingspan range includes a leading dovetail profile, Kingspan Multideck MD50

  • 50mm dovetail rib profile
  • Minimum slab profile depth of 100mm
  • Spans of up to 4m unpropped

Four trapezoidal profiles are available, including:

Kingspan Multideck MD60

  • 60mm profile
  • Unpropped span widths of up to 4.5m

Kingspan Multideck MD80

  • 80mm profile
  • Spans of up to 5m unpropped

Kingspan Multideck MD146

  • 146mm trapezoidal profile
  • Spans of up to 6m unpropped

Kingspan Multideck MD206c

  • 206mm profile
  • Spans of up to 5.6m unpropped
  • Developed for use in car park construction

Planet Passionate

All Kingspan Multideck is CE marked and manufactured to the highest performance and environmental standards.

Through its investment in H2 Green Steel, Kingspan has committed to manufacturing the majority of its steel using hydrogen by 2024 – the first major construction industry company to do so.

Raised Floor Solutions

Raised Floor Solutions also offers composite concrete floor construction, car park construction and metal roof deck supply and installation.  The company is also an approved supplier and installer of Kingspan Access Flooring.

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Visit our knowledge section to find out more about metal decking, reinforced concrete floors, stud welding and raised access floors.

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